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Food Safety and HACCP are the backbone to staying in business as a food and/or beverage provider...

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HACCP is a preventative system for identifying and controlling food safety hazards. The preventive approach of HACCP improves food safety management and complements other quality management systems. Contamination of food by hazards is a worldwide public health concern - HACCP is an internationally recognised manufacturing practice and can be critical to compliance with both national and international food safety legislation.


Do you want to manage your hygiene programmes better? Then why not work together with FQC Solutions and develop a bespoke 'Hygiene Compliance Programme.' Using an FMCG tried and tested assessment matrix that ensures by planned and recorded audits that hygiene procedures are being followed and corrective actions initiated.


You choose the categories. You choose the percentage attainment levels and FQC Solutions will develop the approach

The safety of your products is vital in providing your customers and their consumers with safe, wholesome food and drink. FQC Solutions can help you with developing robust Food Safety systems and training your people to meet them.


Hazard Analysis by Critical Control Point (HACCP) is one of the most important tools in the whole of the food safety portfolio. All 7 Principles are of course important, but the first 4 Principles and especially excellent hazard analysis is the key to a robust and successful HACCP programme.


A total knowledge of the hazards across your supply chain and how they impact you is essential. Risk Assessments and how to successfully use them provides the platform for a sound HACCP approach.


HACCP can stand alone or be part of your quality system (ISO22000). FQC Solutions will carry out risk and hazard analysis, develop your HACCP team capabilities and most of all help you implement all 7 Principles required for a successful HACCP programme.


PAS220 preferably with Food Safety and HACCP


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