“Conforming to a specification, standards or legislation that has been clearly defined.”

Compliance Folders
    Compliance means conforming to a specification, standards or law that has been clearly defined.

    Are you compliant to your internal standards, your customer standards or legal standards?

    How do you know if you are and what can you do to about it if you aren't?

    What can you do to ensure you will be compliant going forward?

    Questions are often raised internally and externally by all kinds of bodies wanting to know if we are compliant to something or other. Investigations, audits, assessments show us where we are wrong, where we need to make improvements.

    FQC Solutions can help you by providing on site discussions, on site pre audits and on site systems assessments.

    All aimed at helping ensure that you can become and stay COMPLIANT.

    Compliance Health Check

    What are you doing or planning to do?

    What legislation do you have to meet?

    What standards do you have to conform to?

    What processes will you need to have in place?

    Is what you are doing going to meet those requirements?

FQC Solutions provide process related services which range from performing a compliance gap analysis on your current procedures and requirements, through to recommendations for corrective actions to address identified gaps in proceedures and processes in; Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Risk, Hygiene, Food Safety and HACCP, Training, Capability Development, Environment and Crisis Management.

Compliance reminder

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