“An unbiased examination and evaluation of what you currently do today”

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Audits are the keystone to understanding what is actually happening at any one time in your business. They should be systematic and independent examinations of your business processes to determine whether activities and related results comply with planned arrangements.

    Audits carried out by trained professional Lead Auditor:

    Supplier and Vendor Audits to your own standards, recognised international standards or FQC Solutions Standards

    Cover the whole supply chain from goods receipt to warehouse

    Multi-site assessments including regional and global sites.

    Bespoke internal audits for specific focussed areas:
    Environmental - Allergens - Quality - HACCP - Hygene - GMP - Basic H&S - Risk Management, Crisis and Recall.

    Audit against FMCG corporate compliance standards in quality, environmental, technical risk and crisis management.

Above is the formal approach, but audits can also be used in a more altruistic way which drives continuous improvement as well.

FQC Solutions can provide five levels of audit; starting with elemental, through systems, developmental, progressive and finally alturistic.

Or we can carryout key audit types :

    ~ People Motivation Audits
    ~ A guide on how to conduct a food product recall
    ~ Supplier to Customer satisfaction audits
    ~ Quality Improvement Audits
    ~ Food Safety and Hygiene Audits
    ~ Process Audits
    ~ Quality, Risk, Environment or all three audits
    ~ Using FQC Solutions Standards
    ~ Your own internal standards
Graph 5 Stages of Audit

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